Lawrence Durrell

Yep, that's what I said, too: you mean the last conferences were in Corfu and Paris, and I get stuck with Ottawa? Well, Ottawa is actually a very interesting place: world capitol of Ultimate Frisbee. Try typing "Ottawa" into your search engine. The first 10 or 12 sites will be Ultimate Frisbee team sites. Go figure!

As a child, Durrell actually did have his own pet elephant, whose name was Sadu. The theme of the conference this time around was A Multicultural Circle—writer Durrell lived in many lands and knew writers, artists, and thinkers of many cultures. The elephant was illustrated by Ed Gold, an incredible creative soul and one of my favorite people, though his son-in-law, Max Boam, said he had a hand in it. It's a great elephant, guys. And thanks to Jane Keller, whose beautifully written copy was inspiring, as well as Carole Pierce, well wisher and enthusiastic muse.

For those of you who've not read Durrell, start with The Alexandria Quartet—you'll be moved.